An Admin’s Guide to Acing Performance Reviews

Nov 13, 2019 | Administrative Professionals

An Admin’s Guide to Acing Performance ReviewsPerformance reviews are a reality of just about any profession, but it’s one that many administrative professionals don’t exactly look forward to.

Reviews can be uncomfortable, stressful, and time-consuming to prepare for, but a critique of your job performance during the past six to 12 months doesn’t have to be painful. It’s actually a great opportunity to show your executive and employer the value you bring to the company, your commitment to your career, and your dedication to being the best admin you can be.

All you need to do to ace your review is do your job to the best of your ability and follow these tips for proactively planning for it.

Create or update your professional portfolio.

One of the best ways to showcase your professional experience, skills, work samples, and talents to your employer is with a professional portfolio. This comprehensive tool — whether it’s in paper or digital format – provides you with concrete evidence of what you’ve accomplished in any given year and your duration of employment with a company.

If you don’t already have a professional portfolio, start creating yours today! If you already have one, make sure to continuously update it throughout the year so you’re not rushing to update it right before your review.

Track your tasks and accomplishments.

Create a list of your weekly tasks and accomplishments and save it to your desktop. As you complete new tasks each week – regardless of how big or small — add them to this list. This will allow you to provide your executive with a comprehensive list of your professional accomplishments and highlights of your ongoing responsibilities come review time.

This list also can come in handy when creating or updating your professional portfolio, and it’s especially useful if you’re presented with a new job opportunity — whether it’s expected or unexpected!

Network, network, network.

Most admins probably don’t think about networking with people inside their organizations, but these connections can be some of the most valuable in your network. Taking the time to get to know the people within your company helps you know who to turn to with specific questions, both inside and outside of your department.

These interoffice ties also demonstrate your commitment to collaboration within the workplace and being a team player — both of which will be important when your review rolls around.

Know what’s expected and go beyond it.

To earn a stellar performance review, you need to fully understand what’s expected of you. Make sure you understand everything your job entails, and if there’s any question about tasks or responsibilities, ask your executive for clarification. Don’t wait until your performance review to find out that you’re missing the mark on something. Know exactly what’s expected of you, then exceed those expectations!

Acing your performance review isn’t a challenge if you’re committed to doing your job well and demonstrating your value to your organization. Put these tips into action now, and you’ll be ready to shine when your next review rolls around.


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