Strong business writing is essential to your future.

In today’s hectic work environment, emails and other written communication can be sent with little thought to their impact and objectives. Emphasis is put on speed rather than quality and effectiveness, whi

ch can ultimately result in loss of time, money and success.

Impressions of your company are given by the letters, emails and reports that are sent out.

Do the recipients of your communication sometimes think, “huh?” If so, then this Business Management Daily webinar may just be the answer.

Don’t let poorly written communication kill your career. The savviest professionals know that each word is important.

Topic: Business Writing Skills

Date: Friday, March 9, 2018

Time: 1 p.m. EST, 12 p.m. CST,  10 a.m. PST

During this session, you’ll learn:

  • The five P’s of effective business writing.
  • How to be persuasive.
  • How to turn bad news into good news.
  • How to write effective subject lines.
  • Eight tips for writing effective communication.
  • 18 hot tips for writing effective emails.
  • How to eliminate all those business clichés.

It is vital that written communication in business is of a high standard, not only to create a good impression, but also to facilitate understanding. Register for this webinar to discover ways to ensure you can quickly achieve your objectives and obtain positive results from your written communications. Click here to register now!