Almost every aspect of what we do as administrative professionals involves the use of digital, internet-connected devices. Every web search, online purchase, social media post, blog comment, text message, and email we send creates digital footprints that are impossible to completely delete. So, how do we manage this digital footprint and protect ourselves, our executives, and our companies from damaging our reputations?

This AdminPro Training Series will explain all of the above!

Topic: Proactively Manage Your Digital Footprint for Career Success

Presented by: Julie Perrine, Founder & CEO, All Things Admin

Available throughout February 2018

During this session, you’ll learn:

  • What is a digital footprint?
  • How to monitor and manage your digital risk online.
  • The impact your digital footprint has on employment opportunities.
  • How to positively develop and cultivate your online presence.

Join us for this AdminPro Training Series session, and learn how to create a digital strategy that keeps you safe and sets you up for online success. Click here to register now!