5 Tips for Becoming a Virtual Assistant

Apr 17, 2019 | Career Development

5 Tips for Becoming a Virtual AssistantOne question I get asked a lot is, “How do I get started as a virtual assistant?”

Many admins are eager for advice on how to strike out on their own and begin their virtual assistant business. Yet they don’t know where to start.

While there’s no exact science behind becoming a VA, there are several things you can do to make the process a smoother, more successful one.

1. Network. Tap your personal and professional network to find clients and work. Reach out to former colleagues, friends, and family and ask if they or anyone they know needs a VA. This is a great way to generate new business, whether you’re a veteran VA or just getting started.

2. Subcontract. If you know someone who is a VA, ask them if they’re willing to subcontract work out to you. Also, don’t be shy about striking up new relationships with experienced VAs and inquiring about work. Most VAs are more than happy to help out someone who is new to the field. And even if they don’t have any subcontracting work, they may be able to refer you to someone who does.

3. Join online VA groups. There are a lot of VA groups on the web and social media that offer advice, resources, and even job listings. VaNetworking.com and the International Virtual Assistants Association are both excellent options. Do some research and find the groups that best fit your needs. Then get active in their forums and on social media.

4. Read and Research. There are several helpful books out there for virtual assistants, including Virtually Successful: 8 Simple Ways for Virtual Assistants to Find (And Keep) Clients and The Bootstrap VA: The Go-Getter’s Guide to Becoming a Virtual Assistant Getting and Keeping Clients, and More! Pick up one of these books and gain some valuable knowledge about the VA world. You can also check out VA blogs and websites for additional reading.

5. Create your plan and implement! When you choose to become a VA, you are choosing to run your own business. This means you need a plan and the drive to implement it! Before I launched my VA business, I built up a transition fund to support any gap in income, and provide some startup capital to launch my company. I invested in a logo and branding, professional headshots, competent legal advice, two certifications, and website development training. Having a plan made all the difference in starting my business because I had a solid foundation from day one.

Whether you’re nearing retirement and looking for your second act, you’re between jobs, or you simply want to be your own boss, being a VA can be an excellent career move. So, if you’re entertaining the idea of starting your own VA business, I strongly encourage you to pursue the opportunity! You never know where it might lead you. I’m living proof of that!

Looking for additional VA resources? These sites may be helpful as you research the profession:

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