3 Ways Uber for Business Helps Make Business Travel Easier for Executives [Sponsored]

May 18, 2022 | Administrative Professionals

The pandemic has shown us that putting business travelers first is more important than ever. Whenever employees are ready to get back on the road, administrative professionals have an opportunity to offer their teams a more streamlined, flexible business traveler experience.

As we enter a new normal, Uber for Business can help. With Uber for Business, administrative professionals can provide flexible ride and meal options for executives and delight teams with one easy-to-use platform. Below are a few ways Uber for Business improves the business traveler’s journey.

Offer Ride Options for Every Traveler

Travel needs vary by personal choice or company. With Uber for Business, you can give your executives access to flexible ride options, like Uber Comfort for extra legroom or Uber Green for an earth-friendly alternative to help you meet your sustainability goals. Go big and keep traveling teams together with UberXL or enable employees to plan ahead with Uber Reserve.

With ride options available in more than 10,000 cities, including most major airports, Uber can help accommodate your travel needs globally. Employees can easily switch from their personal profile to their business profile in the app to activate their business travel profile. Plus, they don’t need to save and upload receipts thanks to Uber for Business’s seamless integration with many travel and expense management services.

As an administrative professional, you can coordinate a travel program all from one dashboard. Set policy restrictions on location, time, or cost, or require employees to enter expense codes for each trip for simpler tracking at scale. With Uber for Business’s global availability, policies can apply to domestic or international travel.

Order Business Meals on Demand With Uber Eats

A business travel meal program and Uber Eats’ 825,000+ global merchant partners allow employees to easily place a meal order. This flexibility can help them:

  •         Feel at home in a new or unfamiliar city
  •         Skip expensive room service fees and restaurant lines
  •         Accommodate personal preferences or dietary restrictions
  •         Unwind on their way to their hotel after a long day

Additionally, business travelers can place a group order to treat prospective customers or clients without interrupting the meeting to pick up the meal.

Delicious food is a sure way to make everyone’s day. Uber for Business makes it easy for you to keep travelers satisfied while you set permissions for time, location, budget, and spending caps.

Elevate Business Travel With Uber for Business

Uber for Business brings the magic of Uber to organizations of all sizes around the world. With one easy-to-use platform, administrative professionals can provide their teams with:

  •         Stress-free, comfortable rides
  •         Delivery of their favorite meals
  •         A consistent business travel experience worldwide, and more

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